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My name is Tim and I have been cooking in my kitchen for all of my adult life. Apart from running the grill at a fast food joint for a year I have never worked in the culinary field. But I love to cook and I especially love to experiment with different recipes.

I learned to cook at about 8 or 9 when my mom tought me how to flip my own eggs for breakfast on mornings when I wanted eggs and she did not have time to make them (She was in nursing school at that time and often had to leave for school before I left for school). When I was in 1st grade I would make my own cereals and stuff but I did not cook until I learned how to make fried eggs when I was older. From there she taught me how to make all kinds of other dishes that she prepared for our dinners. To this day I will not make spaghetti any other way than the way she showed me.

Cooking was a necessity for me for most of my adult life until I started getting into the Food Network about 15 years ago. I learned a lot of cooking techniques from Alton and Paula and not to mention the Barefoot Contessa.

Some of the dishes I learned to make and love are low fat enchilada’s, potato gnocchi, cous-cous, fajitas, rolled tacos, spaghetti pie and lot’s of other things as well. I have also learned to make all kinds of great soups and learned to cook stews and roasts in the crock pot. I also discovered rotisserie cooking last year and regular roasting in the oven (Beer can chicken is one of my favorites).

But food is not the only reason I started this blog. I also like talking about other things, such as tech stuff, computers, movies and also faith. Jesus died on the cross for me and for you and all is required is to believe. That to me is pretty cool.

Well I guess that is all for now, thanks for checking out my blog and please subscribe or follow. 🙂


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