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Making Gnocchi from scratch

So I had some leftover baked potatoes and I decided to peel them and make some gnocchi. If you don’t know what they are here is a link from Wikipedia: Gnocchi

I really like the Italian dumplings so I went to work.

Now I don’t have a potato ricer so I just used a fork to break up the potatoes into crumbles then mixed in 1 egg to the 2 small potatoes that I had left over. Then added flour until the dough was no longer sticky (Sorry I did not measure this all out because it was just a quickie to get some Gnocchi in the freezer for a future use and to use up the leftover baked potatoes).

Then I added more flour and cut off a small handful of dough and rolled into a long rope about ¼ an inch thick and then cut the rope into ½ inch pieces, then I indented them with the end of a wooden spoon (you can also use your pinkie to make indentations, just flour your pinkie first!) so that they would hold whatever sauce I will be putting them in (Actually they will be used this time in a chicken soup recipe).

After I cut the potatoes with a fork it hit me that I could have grated the potatoes on the smallest side of my box grater and that probably would have worked great (no pun intended.)!

Well these baby’s will be going into my next pot of chicken soup, now mind you they do not take long to cook at all so if you use them for soup add them the last 5 minutes to the cooked soup. Make sure the soup is simmering well and when the Gnocchi float to the top they are done. You could also ladle out some of the broth and cook the Gnocchi separate then add all to the soup and serve. So yummy.


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  1. Variations . Umm ok I will ask why are these Italian when I make Hungarian dumplings this way and German . … although the German ones have more to them but the Hungarian ones are basic.

  2. Babies is spelled this way.

  3. Tim! I’m impressed! I mean I’ve never done this…and yo make it sounds so freakin’ easy!! Ally 🙂

  4. It looks like your gnocchi turned out great!

    • Thanks Meredith, they were good. I used some of them in homemade chicken soup and the rest I think I am using with a pesto sauce. So good.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. the cow parkstone
    Just came across your page whilst seraching matt cromie site I must say you have some great examples of work well done!

  6. Tim, these are gorgeous! Gnocchi is Italian, and these look wonderful! I am so excited that you have a food blog and I encourage you to blog more, you are so talented and know a lot about food, share it with us. Best, Nettie

    • Thanks Nettie, I have a post on Parmesan Potato Wedges that I wrote but I am waiting on posting it until I make them tomorrow night so I can post some pictures.


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