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New England Clam Chowder

I found the most wonderful recipe for Clam Chowder at Michelle’s blog, Brown Eyed Baker. Here is the LINK to the recipe and here is the Link to her Blog.

The recipe was really good and satisfied my craving for some good clam chowder. New England style is the best in my opinion. I did not have any thyme so I just used dried parsley in its place then garnished with fresh parsley.

I served it with good ol Saltines. I have switched from the Atkins diet to Weight Watchers. It is hard to eat right during the Christmas season.

I also tried Ally’s Kitchen’s recipe from her cookbook for Lemon Pepper Steak. I can’t share the recipe here as it is copyrighted but I will tell you that it is easy, bohemian, and really good.  I took pictures of the steak but do you think I can find it? NO! Oh well picture a good thick rib eye with a lot of seasonings on it and then grilled, yum!.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christ-Mas!! Jesus loves you!

Low Carb Grilled Hot Wings

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I am always trying new recipes to have while I am on Atkins and this time I wanted to make my Hot Wings a little different. My recipe for these is already low carb but I have always cooked the wings in the oven.

This time I decided to try them on the BBQ grill instead and man they are delicious this way, they got a nice smoky taste and are really crispy. The sauce is the same as my other recipe but this time I added more seasonings to the wings before I grilled them, I used 2 parts good Garlic Salt (Lawry’s Brand), and 1 part Paprika to the wings before grilling them. For the sauce, 1 stick of butter, 2 tsp minced garlic, 1/4 cup of your favorite hot sauce (I use 1/2 Cholula regular and 1/2 Cholula Garlic Lime to make 1/4 cup total), melt the butter with the garlic then add the hot sauce and simmer for 1 minute longer. Grill the wings to your liking  and then toss with the sauce using a big bowl.

I freeze mine then enjoy whenever by re-heating a few in the toaster oven or if making for a party I just re-heat them in the oven or back on the grill. These are so good…ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Low Carbohydrate NY Style Cheesecake

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I really like cheesecake, it is one of the sweets that I miss while on Atkins. So today I am trying Jeprooster’s Low Carb New York Style cheesecake with a different “graham cracker” crust recipe that I found on the web. This should be really good and I will post the recipe here or you can click on the link to get it. Later I will post some pictures of the process.

It is a good day in Tim-land.

The cheesecake recipe is the same as a regular cheesecake but calls for Splenda granulated instead of sugar. The crust is made with almond flour and flax meal and butter.

So far the batter tastes great. I think it is not too sweet but just right.

This also has a topping that is made from sour cream and heavy cream just like the NY ones.

Atkins and Thanksgiving

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First I want to say that Thanksgiving is a time that we give God thanks for all that He does in our lives. It should be a time of fellowship with one another and honoring God for His faithfulness to us.

Also I am on Atkins so that means a lot of stuff I will not be able to have unless I go off the diet for one day. I really don’t want to do that so I am looking for recipes that I can have while on induction.

First I have found a low carb pie crust recipe and I am going to try it out before thanksgiving with my friend Darin A. and we found a sugar free pumpkin pie recipe to go in the crust.

Next we need to look at califlower potatoes and see if we can have a good mashed potatoes substitute.

And I think we found a good stuffing recipe as well so we will see how it all comes out and I will post recipes and pictures here for all to see.


Thanks for visiting!

Atkins continues

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I have been on Atkins for 15 weeks now and I have lost 22 lbs so far. I have stalled out for the last month because of slipping off the plan but I am back on track this week. So far it has been a good re-start (not that I had stopped doing Atkins, I just had a few days here and there were I slipped for one or two meals).

The induction phase has been good but I have had some issues with cravings for sugar or baked goods. I think it is because I have been having caffeine when I should be having decaffeinated coffee and or teas. So this week no caffeine for me.

My friends who are doing this with me are having good success as well, 1 of them has lost 45 pounds in the same time period. That is awesome.

I have set a short-term goal to be under 200 lbs by Thanksgiving. I will have to add more exercise to reach that goal.

Say a prayer for me and thanks for reading.

Atkins Diet

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It has been 4 weeks since beginning this diet and so far I have lost 18 pounds. I am really getting used to not eating sugars or refined foods like flour or rice and pasta. To say that I don’t miss those items would be a lie but they are no longer controlling me. I do not run to them for comfort anymore.

I have discovered some cool recipes that I can have while on Induction (Induction is the first phase of Atkins, to learn more click here). I found these amazing cream cheese pancakes:The recipe for these is simple: Just 2 tbsp of cream cheese, 2 eggs, 1 sweetener packet and 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and blend all in the blender. I found it over at Melissa’s blog “I breathe… I’m Hungry…” She also has a low carb book of recipes available at her site. These pancakes are thin, more like crepes but with sugar-free syrup they taste really good.

God wants me to eat right, that is to eat to honor Him and not to eat to serve my body (ie, my fat cells or my taste buds!) This is His plan, he says in Proverbs 23:21: “for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags.” No good ever comes from giving in to any desires when they fall outside of God’s will.

Other recipes I have come up with are braised roast beef with zucchini, celery, onions, mushrooms and garlic.. braised in a bit of beef stock. Seasoned with cumin, parsley flakes thyme, salt and pepper. It was really flavorful and the beef was very tender. Tonight I am making home made hamburger helper without noodles. I am doing it with cheese over hamburger, zuccini, brocolli and possibly green beans. I will try to get a picture of it.

I have been enjoying the looks on waitresses faces when I order a burger with no bun and cottage cheese instead of fries. It really is pricless. One waitress said after I ordered: “That’s does not sound fun”. I said it does to me. 🙂

Also I have to say that Wendy’s will serve up any of their burgers without the bun and the double burger is really good without a bun, they wrap it up in lettuce and it still has the cheese, tomato, onion and pickles and really hits the spot. Also I went to Taco Bell and got taco’s without the shell, they serve them in a bowl and I think ya get more fillings that way. Seems like there is more meat, cheese and lettuce.

Well I guess that is all for now, remember keep looking up and stay focused on Jesus. I could not have gotten this far without Him and my friends Darin and Rich.

Cat Sitting

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So today begins the cat sitting at Ricardo and Karens. The cats are Snowball and Elliot. They are cool cats but both are not used to me and will not come out of their room (yes they have their own room but it doubles as the craft room as well).
These two cats are like kids to Karen and Ricardo and they are well loved. I am having fun sitting with them and hope they will come downstairs soon.
First picture is Snowball, second is Elliot.





Atkins To The Rescue

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Here I am getting ready to start on another journey, as this journey of obesity that I have been on is getting really old and I decided I no longer want to be on it, and besides the tickets are WAY too expensive (health issues, no flexibility and having to look at myself in the mirror).

© 2012 Atkins Nutritionals

So myself and a couple of good friends and fellow workers in the Lord are going on a new journey, the Atkins journey. These two guy’s, Darin and Rich, have done Atkins before so they have been giving me a lot of good hints and such.. I am so blessed to know these men of God.When one starts the Atkins plan it is suggested that you have a ‘carb blowout party’ in order to get rid of all the unnecessary carbs from your kitchen. Well I live with roommates who may or may not go on the Atkins plan as well so in lieu of a carb party Darin and I are going to feast on carbs at this years CA. State Fair this Sunday. Stay tuned for a blog post on all the goodies we tried at the fair in a few days.

So this page will begin to have recipes that are carb friendly and hopefully some of you will want to share some carb friendly recipes with us as well. That would be so cool.

Well that is this post, I hope you stay tuned and give your comments.

Keep looking up and remember to enjoy life, share your faith.


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Well today I discovered Judy’s dish;


And I wanted to tell you all about it. I have not tried it yet but I am going to make this one real soon. Here is a picture of it from her blog

Check it out, she has a lot of great recipes that I know you will all want to try.

Easy Peasy Crescent Roll Dough Cinnamon Rolls

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My sister Judy has always been creative with her cooking; she invented her own version of a meatloaf that is the one I cook to this day and her fried chicken is the best, oh and don’t even get me started on her potato salad, every time we have a cookout my mom asks her to make it.
Over the years she has also invented a few treats that are really good. She learned how to make funnel cakes at home using a cast iron skillet and a 2 cup glass measure to pour out the batter and only using a small amount of oil instead of a deep fryer. She also makes great cakes and is not afraid to try something new.

Well last night she made these cinnamon crescent rolls by just sprinkling the inside of the rolls with cinnamon sugar and rolling them up into crescents. They were SO good! I could not believe something so easy could come out so good, she is a genius. They got eaten up so fast that I did not have time to get a picture of one…



Well I decided to take her recipe to the next level and actually make these Crescent Dough Cinnamon Rolls. They are so, so good and you will be amazed at how easy they are to make.







First chop 1 cup of walnuts and set aside (or you can use any nut you like). Mix ¼ cup white sugar and 1 tablespoon cinnamon together, set aside.

Take a roll of crescents out of the fridge and on a lightly floured surface unroll the dough. Next seal all the seams in the dough so that you have 1 rectangle of crescent dough. Spread with butter that you have allowed to come to room temperature (you will need about 1 tablespoon of butter, maybe a little more).








Next sprinkle the cinnamon sugar lightly over the dough, ya don’t want too much or the rolls will not hold together well when you slice them (As I found out in this first attempt and you will see in the pictures). Then sprinkle the nuts on top.








Roll the dough up from the longest side so you have a long tube of dough. Then slice into ½ inch pieces and place in a small pan coated with cooking spray and bake at 375 for about 15 to 20 minutes or until golden brown.

As you can see they did not hold together well, I think that was because there was too much of the sugar/cinnamon sprinkled on them, but they were still good.

I did not have any milk so I did not make a glaze to go over these but if you want you can make a glaze with a ½ cup powdered sugar and just enough milk to make a thick glaze. Serve warm with coffee or milk,Yummy!

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